Common Noise Sources of Hydraulic Systems and Their Solutions

In workplaces where hydraulic equipment is running, noise is inevitable. Moreover, due to the high density of power used by hydraulic equipment, a high level of noise is almost always the result. High noise levels can damage hearing. Therefore, noise reduction of these industrial hydraulic systems is often the priority for many who work in or manage these environments.

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Types of Quick-Acting Couplings

Along with hoses and fittings, quick-acting couplings are some of the most important parts of a hydraulic system. Although many kinds of these couplings exist, all couplings have some elements in common with one another. For example, all couplings have a plug and a socket.

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Which Gasket Materials Offer The Best Resistance to Weather?

If a gasket will be exposed to several different kinds of weather, it only makes sense that it be made from materials that will ensure a long life. But weather resistance means many things, including resistance to the sun, ozone and temperature as well as actual weather conditions. When a gasket is able to resist weather, chemicals and other similar items, it is called an environmental gasket or environmental seal.


The O-Ring: An Introduction

Although they may look unassuming, o-rings have a very important job and are a crucial component of many applications. These doughnut-shaped seals are mainly used for the purpose of keeping fluid or air from passing into or out of a space.

O Rings

The Four Preventable Causes of Hydraulic Seal Failure

The importance of hydraulic seals cannot be understated. These ringed components are responsible for the production of linear motion via liquid power. Hydraulic seals can be made from any manner of material, from polyurethane to rubber. But, just like their o ring counterparts, the hydraulic seal must be used in the proper application and temperature settings in order for them to operate at their full potential.

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