Split-Flange Fittings

Flange fittings are used in demanding applications due to their suitability to high pressure, shock, and vibration. They also allow for easy connections between hose and tube or pipe, as well as between rigid lines.

Split-Flange Fittings

Hydraulic Cylinder Drift and Dead Bands

In addition to all of the other potential problems that can arise with items like hydraulic seals, drift can be a major issue in hydraulic systems. What’s worse, there are two types of drift to be concerned about: null drift and constant actuator drift.

Hydraulic System

Seven Common Issues with Pressure-Reducing Valves

System pressure in any hydraulic system is controlled and maintained by a type of pressure setting device like a system relief valve. The reason these valves are used is to maintain secondary pressure when fluid reaches the branches of a hydraulic system. When the fluid reaches the point in the system where a set pressure exists, the valves shift to the branch in order to throttle the flow. The actuation of a pressure-reducing valve actually occurs via forces created further down the system.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Water Hammer and Your Hydraulic System

When a fluid’s velocity changes suddenly as it moves through a pipe, water hammer is the result. When this happens, a lot of noise and vibration are the result. Another unfortunate by-product of water hammer can also be broken pipes.

Hydraulic System, Water Hammer

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