Increasing Cylinder Force and Life

A cylinder’s job to handle guided loads in motion is a crucial one. In H, cylinders have a higher cost up front due to their operation under high amounts of pressure. As such, it only makes sense to ensure that the cylinders in your system operate and maximum force and last as long as possible. You can boost the force of your cylinders as well as extend their life with a few easy tips.

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Don’t Let Water Contamination Kill Your Hydraulic System

Clean hydraulic oil is critical where optimal operation of the system is the goal. But new oil may not even be as clean as you think; in fact, the ISO cleanliness of ‘new’ hydraulic oil is usually 4 code levels below what is considered to be acceptable for most high-performance hydraulic systems!

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Multi-Grade Hydraulic Fluid vs. Multi-Grade Engine Oil

Whether small or large, the hydraulic equipment you’re responsible for maintaining needs to be filled with the proper grade and type of oil in order for it to last. Multi-grade engine oil is often used for this purpose. But is it the best option for your hydraulic system?

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Addressing and Fixing Hydraulic Oil Leaks

A constant cost of operating any type of hydraulic equipment is the purchase of replacement fluid. And this cost can really add up over time. Although the integrity of hydraulic seals can sometimes be to blame for leakage, the reliability of any hydraulic system is due to more than one factor.

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The Care and Feeding of Hydraulic Components

In the early days of fluid power, it was common to repair the broken parts of a machine. In fact, repair was chosen even when the repaired machine didn’t perform the same function as it did originally. Two or more components would be fused, welded or glued together for a repaired or refurbished product.

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