Controlling Contaminants: Labyrinth vs. Lip Seals

The best way to prevent contaminants from entering any system is to receive and handle lubricants with care until the system is put in service. After this, the challenge shifts to ensuring that as few contaminants as possible enter the system. Contaminant ingression can be limited by modifying slight glasses and breathers. But the shaft seals used are also important.

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Hydraulic Accumulators – An Important Safety Topic to Discuss

Among all of the regular discussions that happen at your company’s health and safety meetings, it may be difficult to remember whether or not the safety of your equipment’s hydraulic accumulators were ever talked about? But if your plant is anything like the others, chances are that this topic rarely gets discussed, if ever. The reality is that unless the potential dangers of accumulators are understood, they can cause significant risks to the safety of all working with or near them.

Hydraulic Accumulators

How to Increase the Working Life of your Hydraulic Pumps

If you’ve had trouble trying to predict how long your hydraulic pump will last, you’re not alone; the lifespan of any pump can be next to impossible to figure, even with a lot of past experience. Unfortunately, there currently exists no approach that’s dependable enough to reveal a precise figure. However, it isn’t necessary to guess about how long your hydraulic pump will live; all that needs to be done is to look at a few factors.

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Common Filter Locations and Choosing the Right One

There are many places in a hydraulic system to place a filter. Unfortunately, no matter where it is located, a filter will reduce component’s service life, even though it will remove contaminants from oil. That being said, when considering the best location for a filter in your system, the first consideration should be to place it in a location where it will do more good than harm.

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Installing Filtration at the Suction Line

Although your hydraulic system’s filters are meant to maintain the cleanliness of the fluid that flows through them, there are some filter locations which can actually result in the opposite. The suction line is a common filter location. However, there are many caveats to installing filtration at this point of a system.

Installing Filtration, Hydraulic System

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