How To Ensure Consistent Relationships With Rubber O-Ring Stockists & Suppliers

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For manufacturers, having access to the right components when you need them is essential to running a productive operation. O-rings play an important part in most engines and hydraulic systems, and frequently need replacing, so it pays to have a consistent relationship with a supplier you can rely on.

If you are dissatisfied with your current supplier, or are looking to establish a long-term supplier relationship for the first time, you should shop around for the following four characteristics:

1) Competitive Prices

Rubber O-rings are produced in batches by the tens of thousands. Rubber O-ring suppliers should therefore be able to offer you competitive prices per unit, as the components themselves are very cheap to make.

2) Superior Customer Service

Ordering the right O-rings can be difficult if you have to choose between several similar components or are not sure what parts you need. A good supplier will offer superior customer service by providing you with a dedicated account manager, free technical support and ordering advice whenever you need it.

3) High Stock Levels

If a supplier has to order your parts from a manufacturer each time, this can cause delays in delivery. In order to be responsive, your O-ring supplier should hold high stock levels of frequently ordered components so they can be dispatched out to you the same or next day.

To save space at your own facility, we also offer a vendor managed inventory service. If you choose this option, we keep stock of O-rings and other components you regularly use, send them out as required and then replenish your stock so you always have O-rings available. This means you will never be caught short and will guarantee timely delivery on all orders. You can avoid stock outs and the need to place emergency orders with alternative suppliers. It also helps you save money on inventory and admin costs.

4) Fast, Flexible Ordering

Having an established supplier relationship should help you increase productivity, reduce order turnaround and facilitate an efficient production line. Fast, flexible ordering is therefore essential. Your supplier should be responsive to the orders you place and ship out your orders on same or next day at the latest. If parts are not in stock, they should have the contacts established to get parts in quickly from whichever source is necessary. A supplier should also be flexible, able to accommodate both low and high volume orders within a short timeframe.

Why Consistent Relationships Are Important

Consistent relationships build reliability and trust on both sides. Having an established supplier is good for both the supplier and your business, so it is something that a professional O-ring supplier should encourage. It gives you a one stop shop whenever you need O-rings and related components, letting you save time on ordering and eliminating the stress of running out of stock when you need it most.

At BSCL we cover all these points in the personalised service we offer our customers. Regardless of your order volume and requirements, we strive to go the extra mile in providing excellent technical support, easy ordering and low prices on our extensive stock of O-rings and hydraulic seals.

How To Purchase The Right O-Rings

We have written a new Buyers Guide to Industrial O-rings as a free resource for buyers and line managers. The e-book contains helpful information about O-ring sizes, characteristics and materials, and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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