How to Avoid Common O-Ring Pitfalls

If you’ve ever experienced a failure or other issue with the rubber o rings chosen for your application, you may have wondered what or who is to blame. Engineers may be the first culprit. However, they are more able than ever to resolve issues with o rings before failure occurs because they can identify potential problems.

O-Ring Pitfalls, O Rings

Purchasing Your Gaskets at the Best Price

Whatever your needs as a business or individual purchaser, if you are buying gaskets it is only natural that you will want to be able to get them at the best possible price. However, at the same time you will naturally want to ensure that the gaskets that you purchase are of a good quality and fit for purpose. This means that you need to strike a balance between price and quality. Fortunately, if you choose a reputable, specialist provider, you can benefit from the best of both worlds.


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