Hydraulic System Performance and the Role Of Lubricant Density

Density is an important property in all fluids, including hydraulic lubricants. Density is defined as the measurement of a substance’s mass by relating it to a known volume. Usually, water is denser than lubricants, which is evidenced in hydraulic systems with moisture problems when water is observed settling at the sump’s bottom and then being drained before the system lubricant.

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The Roles of Lubricant Additives

Although the viscosity of a base oil is its most important property, it’s also important to be aware of the roles that lubricant additives play. These compounds, whether organic or inorganic exist either as dissolved or suspended solids within the oil. Depending on the equipment, additives can represent between 0.1 to as much as 30% of an oil’s volume.

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Lubrication Specification Part II - The Lubrication Specification Document

Our last blog post detailed the process which should occur to pare down the number, amount, and type of lubricants being used in a location. This post will detail the next step in the process, which is the creation of a lubrication specification document.

Lubrication Specification, Hydraulic System

Lubricant Specification Part I – The Lubricant Specification Process

When selecting any lubricant for a hydraulic system, three elements must be in place. The lubricant you choose should not only be of sufficient quality, but also the correct lubrication for your application, as well as being as affordable as possible.

Lubricant Specification, Hydraulic System

How Water Affects Bearings

Water continues to be the worst and most complex contaminant of hydraulic machinery. It is such a problem and for so many reasons that those reasons continue to be researched. Whether on its own or mixed with another substance such as oil, water can cause the abrupt or gradual failure of bearings, and can result in the catastrophic failure of complete hydraulic systems, including gaskets and hydraulic seals.

How Water Affects Bearings, Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic System, Hydraulic Systems

Testing Strategies for Water Contamination Control

Among the main chemical contaminants that threaten your hydraulic system, one of the most sinister can be water. Although innocent on its own, when combined with oil, water can cause numerous problems in hydraulics systems on both the physical and chemical levels.

Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic System, Testing Strategies for Water Contamination Control

Managing High Particle Counts in Oil

When considering the oil of your hydraulic system, you may have wondered whether there is anything you can do to correct high particular counts. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to correct this common issue. The solution you choose will depend on the environmental and operating conditions of your hydraulic system.

Managing High Particle Counts in Oil, Hydraulic System

The Hydraulic Manifold

The hydraulic manifold represents a proverbial ‘switchboard’ in hydraulic systems, regulating fluid flow between pumps, actuators and the like. A combination of interconnected valves are what enable the manifold to be able to control pressurised fluid flow and direct it to a motor or cylinder.

Hydraulic Manifold

Oil Demulsibility and your Hydraulic System

Oil’s hygroscopic nature makes its attraction of water seem inevitable. But equally important is the oil in your system’s ability to release that water, otherwise known as demulsibility. Many environments, including food processing locations and steel and paper mills, contain high amounts of moisture which can expose systems and their oil to water.

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Trends in Hydraulic Reservoir Design – Continued

Our last blog post covered trends in hydraulic reservoir design, including design types, mounting style, pump submersion and shape. This post continues the exploration of hydraulic reservoir design regarding additions, accessories and important considerations.

Hydraulic Reservoir Design, Hydraulic System

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